Working and Living in Germany

You are about to move to Germany or you just recently moved? Everything is so different to your own culture and you do not know how to handle your colleagues or your daily life? You wonder how directly colleagues and supervisors give each other feedback or instructions and you don’t understand how the queuing at the local bakery works, not to mention the sorting of trash or the different greeting habits?

In this training module participants will gain a broad understanding of German culture – in business and in private life. An analysis of their own prejudices and assumptions paired with a brief tour through German history and values will help participants to develop a thorough understanding of German culture and will help them to prepare for the direct German communication in work and private life.

Participants will be able to better establish relationships with their German colleagues  by using their knowledge to prevent disappointment and misunderstanding. They will be able to identify and avoid assumptions, communicate clearly and will be confident to handle intercultural challenges with diplomacy, generosity and humour.