Expatriate Preparation

You are planning to move abroad? You would like to be prepared for a good start in your new home country? How can you make sure that this assignment will be a successful and rewarding experience for you and your family?

This training module will prepare participants for the next step in their career. It will also take care of their family members and smooth the way for everyone involved in this move. Participants will not only learn about the customs, culture and business manners of their future home country, the training also covers a broad range of key topics relating to expatriation in combination with case studies that are designed to highlight and create discussion around the key causes of assignment failure.

Participants will be equipped with tools and mindsets that enable them to adjust to and manage their assignment more effectively. They will be able to anticipate the psychological downsides and be prepared to avoid intercultural pitfalls.

I offer trainings for expatriates who move to Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium or Japan.