Creating High-Performing Teams

Creating a visibly diverse group is relatively easy, but turning it into a high-performing team is challenging.
But what is a high-performing team and how do you get to creating one?

I also talk about the 4-step process that I go through with my clients who are keen to become part of a high-performing team or to lead one.

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Ways to Motivate Disengaged Employees for Better Collaboration, Growth and Satisfaction

What do you do if you’re a leader with a disengaged employee?
Or if you’re a team member who feels demotivated?
How does one feel or get motivated? Motivated to grow, to learn, to perform.
Through my own learnings via the Global DISC programme, I share how intrinsic motivation is something we should harness instead.

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My new take on motivation

What if motivation was not an uncontrollable power that appears and disappears almost to its own liking? What if motivation was a reliable partner?

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